Man Asks 911 For a Ride To Liquor Store

In an effort to possibly win the “Responsible Citizen of the Year” award, George McMurrain of St. Augustine, Florida dialed 911 multiple times to request a ride to the liquor store.  McMurrain repeatedly said that the sheriff would give him a ride, but the dispatcher was having none of it. 

After repeated calls to the emergency hotline, McMurrain was taken into custody and charged with misusing 911, as well as possession of marijuana, as he had a small amount on him while the officers arrested him at his Budget Inn motel room.

McMurrain may have been too drunk or high to drive his own car, or perhaps his ride did not have proper car insurance. Why McMurrain dialed 911 for a ride to the liquor store may never be solved, but we here at the Play It Safe Blogare tending to lean towards Afroman’s theory.

[Source: WJXT Jacksonville]

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