Man Invented the Wheel, and the Toilet Go-Kart

Finally, after years of military research and technological advancements, they’ve done it. Ladies and gentleman allow me to introduce you to man’s new best friend, and no it’s not a dog. It is the appropriately named “Toilet Go-Kart.”

Topping at 32 mph, the now-portable-porcelain-throne is perfect for long road trips. The Toilet Go-Kart is designed for people to go, on the go. Equipped with two coolers at the back, and toilet paper off to the side, this “vehicle” would be the perfect addition to Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor’s “Man’s Bathroom.” All that’s missing is a 32-inch flat screen TV to watch football and the new Xbox 360.

When man invented the Porta-Potty I wonder if they thought the portable toilet would actually become portable. To the maker of the Toilet Go-Kart, I salute you. This Go-Kart would have been perfect for Wendy Phillips. Still not sure if the Toilet Go-Kart will need auto insurance, but we’ll keep you updated. It’s safe to say this toilet on the go is number one, and two, in our books.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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