Man Learns the Hard Way Not to Open Door in Car Wash

Among the many things to avoid doing in this world, not opening your window/sunroof/door while going through a car wash seems like a pretty obvious one.  That was not the case for one man, who decided it would be a good idea to adjust his windshield wiper blade after a pass of the automatic car wash system. 

Unfortunately for the man, his Chinese-fire-drill attempt at saving a windshield wiper that can be replaced at an AutoZone for about ten buckscost him a car door, as the machine made another pass dragging the entire car with it.  Will good auto insurance cover something like this?  Usually, but even skipping the bill on replacing your door is nothing like the embarrassment of a security camera sharing the footage for the world to see.  A “Soft Touch” car wash, this was not.

[Source: YouTube]

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