Massachusetts Texting and Driving Dangers

If you’re an avid reader of SafeAuto’s ‘Play It Safe’ blog, you most likely know how we feel about texting and driving. We hate it! And, it seems that we’re not the only ones. Slowly but surely, state by state, law enforcement is starting to really crack down on drivers using their mobile devices while at the wheel.

Massachusetts is one such state and State Trooper, Michael Miskell discusses the dangers of using a phone while driving in a recent Eagle Tribune article. “In terms of the degree of dangerousness, using a very, very small device for emailing [or any other activity] is less than ideal,” he exclaims. “Distracted driving in the daytime is one of my main focuses. Our true mission is really reducing crash fatalities.”

At SafeAuto, we can’t agree more about doing whatever it takes to keep drives focused on the road instead of their cell phones. Accidents still do happen, however, so for the unfortunate times that they do, make sure you’re insured (plus, it’s the law!). Visit to receive a free quote for the most affordable car insurance around.

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