Meet "Do The Jingle" Artist Bruce Jackson

Who is the artist who owns and operates an underground music company that is entered into SafeAuto’s “Do The Jingle” contest?  His name is Bruce Jackson and as of January 15th, 2014, his catchy SafeAuto jam is in the top ten of the digital event for the affordable car insurance company.


Bruce resides in New Kensington, Pennsylvania and has been operating his own music company since 1998. The opportunity to star in a SafeAuto commercial would be a game changer for the artist who has been engaged in the music scene since the age of seven years old.

“For me to be in a SafeAuto Commercial would provide a large outlet to display my music talent,” stated Bruce. “It would create a new level of exposure for me. I think it would be a memorable jingle for SafeAuto that their type of customer could easily relate to.”

In Bruce’s jingle, he sings, “They keep you legal for less, so there’s no need to be stressed, when you invest in your safety!” Whether Bruce receives the most votes and gets to star in a SafeAuto commercial will be determined by the public voters. The New Kensington native certainly has a passion for music and SafeAuto’s “Do The Jingle” contest is a great outlet for this dedicated artist.

To view Bruce’s jingle, click here:

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