Meet "Do the Jingle" Finalist The Instant Classics

When musical artists enter SafeAuto’s “Do the Jingle” Contest, they do so with different goals in mind. Some do it for the potential exposure. Others just want to go through the process of writing a jingle and submitting it for public review. And, of course, there are those who are wooed by the $5,000 prize for first place.

The Instant Classics, one of this year’s entrants into the “Do the Jingle” Contest, has a unique explanation for why the group decided to produce a video for the competition. They say winning the contest would be “the first step in our quest towards complete and total world domination.”

They’re kidding, of course. (We think.) But the statement typifies the attitude of The Instant Classics: a group who works hard and has fun, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

This Phoenix-based band was formed back in 2005 and has been a mainstay in the area’s music scene ever since. The Instant Classics are a common sight at local venues — ranging from clubs and bars to major concerts and corporate events. In fact, TIC performed an amazing 180 gigs in 2010 alone!

The Instant Classics are comprised of five members. Vocalist Caleb comes from a long line of musicians and contributes heavily to the band’s stage presence. Christine, the co-lead singer and the group’s lone female, has transformed herself from one-time super-student and ballet dancer into a multitalented rocker, model, and business owner. Todd is a bassist and the unofficial spokesman for the band, and his stylish goatee and lengthy locks could get him mistaken for rock star Sammy Hagar. Guitarist Brian, from Davenport, Iowa has been playing since the age of 7 (and for money since 14) and is completely self-taught. And, of course, every band needs a drummer; so that honor goes to Nick, whose bio on the TIC website simply reads, “I hit things.”

The Instant Classics can boast over 200 cover songs, which lets them be regularly featured as the backup group for Live Band Karaoke at a popular Phoenix bar. But TIC can produce their own material as well. The band’s latest compilation “Disco Sex Rock” includes tunes such as “Sugar Daddy,” Don’t Break My Heart,” and “The Lion Sleeps on E Street.”

Whether they attain their “goal” of world domination is up for debate. But one thing’s for certain: The Instant Classics will make a splash with their entry in this year’s SafeAuto “Do The Jingle” Contest – and have a lot of fun doing it.

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