Meet "Do the Jingle" Finalists Sketch By Number


Ah, dramatic readings. We remember you from high school. One of last year’s “Do the Jingle” finalists, Sketch by Number is a comedy troupe from SafeAuto’s beloved hometown of Columbus, OH. Founded in 2008, Sketch by Number was started with the idea of having audience participation as a key element in their work, and has gone on to be popular both in Columbus and across the country, recently taking the top prize at the Shadowbox Sketch Comedy Festival. In fact, they’ve become so popular that they recently formed a Los Angeles branch to see how much of Hollywood they can take over. We understand they’ve currently got one neighborhood sewn up and are working on undermining the defenses of three more. Run entirely by Ohio natives, Sketch by Number is considered one of the premiere sketch comedy groups in the nation, and we’re honored to have them turn our jingle into a complete farce. But, hey, it’s funny. Which is good, since that’s what farces are supposed to be. Nor is their popularity, or prowess, limited to just the stage. They have dozens of videos online capturing both their lightning in a bottle on stage and various pop culture parodies of some of the best (and worst) offers on screen. [Click here to vote for them.] Remember: voting for Do The Jingle opens January 2nd, 2012, and runs through February 29th, 2012. Acts from across the country have submitted their videos for your consideration, so take a moment and look through to see who you think should Do the Jingle!


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