Meet DTJ Musician Ivan Martin

Ivan Martin, an Ohio native residing in Cleveland has put together quite the catchy jingle. “Safety is not a chance, safety is a choice” are some lyrics from the early in the song, as Ivan goes on to tell you how simple it is to get covered by Safe Auto.  The setting of the video is brilliant.  The snow is rigorously falling in Northeastern Ohio helping reiterate dangerous winter driving conditions and safety.


Despite the weather conditions, Ivan had a great time creating this video. “I have a passion for music and putting together videos,” stated Ivan. “SafeAuto’s ‘Do The Jingle’ contest was a great outlet for an artist like myself. Even if I don’t win, the experience was one that I’ll never forget.”

Even with smooth dance moves and a bright smile, Ivan needs help rising up the ‘Do The Jingle’ charts. With only two weeks left in the contest, Martin sits in 42nd place.

If you are driving uninsured, take Ivan’s word for it and be sure to “Play It Safe.”   You can view Ivan’s jingle along with many other talented musicians at