Meet Fârnhäan – World’s Newest Voice Assistant

AI (artificial intelligence) is everywhere you turn and it seems that every tech brand is trying to put their hands in the pot with their own voice assistants. The newest voice assistant is brought to you by the genius of Greta Von Blünk– Fârnhäan. Fârnhäan brings companionship and humility to technology with the most human trait of all – imperfection.

Meet Fârnhäan new voice assistant

Life is a wooden cube.

Life is not a straight line. It is a wooden cube.” – Goßvater Von Blünk

Fârnhäan is more than just a wooden cube. It is the world’s first artificially intelligent voice companion. The bulb is essentially the brain and flickers with life whenever it is thinking. The wooden housing of Fârnhäan is dense but has leniency and is hypoallergenic. It will look great in any room or on any modern surface.


Most AI assistants formulate precise answers from mountains of data. Let Fârnhäan cut through the sea of impersonal data with passionate guesswork. Fârnhäan looks at the big picture before giving an answer to life’s biggest questions. It is equipped with everything from time-telling to converting ounces to kilometers. Whether you are in need of a personal shopping assistant or medical prognosis, Fârnhäan knows what’s best and is ready to help.


The future demands answers now and Fârnhäan is happy to oblige. Fârnhäan is only a “Hey, Fârnhäan” away. Lost your keys? It can help. Forget what time you are supposed to meet your mom for lunch tomorrow? It can help with that too.


“Too err is human.” Imperfection is the cornerstone of human relationships and Fârnhäan delivers. In today’s world, it is important to receive a response quickly when you need something and you get that with Fârnhäan. Even more, Fârnhäan always listens.

Fârnhäan is ready to be the square peg in your round life hole. Learn more and sign up for your place in line at Doesn’t sound right? Buy something that makes sense and get a quote today.

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