My Car Was Just Recalled – Now What?

When you learn about a safety issue with your car –the car you depend on to get you where you need to be – it certainly raises concern. Once you hear about a car safety recall on your vehicle, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you’re supposed to do. Knowing what your options are and what steps you should take may make this process less hectic and help put your mind at ease.

car safety recalls

What Is a recall on a car?

A car recall occurs when the manufacturer determines that the vehicle in question no longer meets car safety standards. A car recall can be placed on a car for either the vehicle itself or specific parts that are meant to make the vehicle run efficiently and effectively.

Some of these specific car parts can include:

  • Steering column (that doesn’t work effectively)

  • Accelerators that stick

  • Wiring (throughout the vehicle)

  • Airbags (that deploy improperly)

  • Fuel system (that is inefficient)

How do I know if my car is recalled?

There are two ways that a driver can find out if their car has been recalled:

  • Car companies will notify customers through a letter mailed to their address notifying them of the recall within 60 days.
  • The database on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) allows for drivers to plug in their vehicles unique VIN number to see its recall status.

What happens if your car is recalled?

If your car has been recalled, the manufacturer of your car must do something about it. Legally, they must either refund, replace, or repair the car for you. Although there is not a specific expiration date associated with the recall on your car, they are only enforceable for only a reasonable amount of time.

In other words, a recall for a certain make and model of a car doesn’t end until or unless the parts that need to be replaced are no longer made, or the manufacturer is no longer in business. Even though recalls can range in severity, it’s a best practice to address it as soon as possible to properly assess what your options are with your car company.

Experiencing a car recall can be a stressful process to endure. Your friends and family at SafeAuto want you and your loved ones safe on the road ahead, no matter where it leads you.