National Tire Safety Is This Week, June 6-12


Today is the first day of National Tire Safety Week. Why is this important? Without proper tire maintenance you won’t be getting very far in your automobile. This means regularly checking your tire pressure, tire rotation and possibly even replacing your tires. Proper tire pressure keeps your car in good shape and can even improve gas millage by 3% according to

It is vital to always have a tire pressure gauge handy in your car to check the car’s tire pressure at least once a month according to because:

  • Most tires naturally lose air over time
  • Tires can lose air suddenly if you drive over a pothole or other object or if you strike the curb when parking (I think we can all admit to this)
  • With radial tires, it is usually not possible to determine if your tires are under inflation by merely using your eyes serves as an excellent guide for tire FAQ’s and offers many safety tips to help better your understanding of tires. Also, take a peek at the Interactive Tire Pressure Demo to “gauge” an estimate of how much air is in the tire.

If for some reason you do get a flat tire, call this young man to help you replace your tire or even better, visit to make sure your car is insured.


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