New Year’s Drunk Driving Statistics

It is a commonly known fact that there are more alcohol related car accidents on New Year’s Eve than most other nights. According to the Post-Dispatch, Compared to the average weekend night, the 12-hour window between 6 p.m. on Dec. 31 and 6 a.m. on Jan. 1 tends to have about 71% more crashes where alcohol or drugs are listed as a contributing factor.



Surprisingly, alcohol-related car accidents and fatalities have been declining across the nation for years. This is in large part due to the publicity surrounding drunken driving fatalities. If you haven’t received the memo on not to drink and drive, we’ve provided a list of New Year’s Drunk Driving Statistics that will make you think twice before stepping behind the wheel after having a drink.

  • With an average of 140 deaths (based on statistics from 2002 to 2008), New Year’s Day is the second most deadly day for drivers
  • January 1st is the day of the year with the highest percent of deaths related to alcohol from 2008-12
  • Number of people killed in drunk driving crashes in New Year’s 2013: 140
  • Number expected to be killed this New Year’s: 156

We hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year! Please remember to not drink and drive. Keep in mind that driving without car insurance is illegal so enjoy the road ahead with SafeAuto!

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