Nifty Texting and Driving Application

If you’ve been reading our blogs, you probably know our feelings about texting while driving. According to, in 2011, 23% of car crashes involved cell phones, and the number has only increased since then. So, if you don’t know how we feel on the topic, to put it simply, we hate texting and driving.

We know how hard it is to not look at or answer your phone the second you hear the sound that signifies a new message. It’s hard for us too, but with 11 teen deaths occurring every day because people can’t stay off their cell phones (according to, something has to be done.

And now, there’s an app for that. Since it’s so tempting to look at your phone the second you receive a message, and since none of us want our friends to think we’re rude for not responding right away, a (semi) new app called Free Safe Text takes care of all of those problems. It allows you to put up a sort of “away message” when you’re unavailable. It won’t show you any messages you receive until you’ve turned the app off off, and it sends an automatic reply back to whoever it was that texted you. You can create your own reply message or use one of their pre-written choices. And not only can you use this to help with texting and driving, you can let your friends know anytime you are unavailable and away from your phone.

Check out this news story from about this great (and free) new app.

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