Norm Macdonald SafeAuto Insurance Commercial – Glove Box

SafeAuto Spokesman, Norm Macdonald, a stand-up comedian, writer, producer, actor and “Saturday Night Live” cast member for five years, began appearing in advertising for the minimum-limits auto insurer last summer. In his newest series of commercials, Macdonald talks about many of the benefits of SafeAuto’s affordable auto insurance policies.

In one such commercial, Norm talks to uninsured driver Kevin Daley, whose car glove compartment is filled with, well, we’ll just say nothing as important as his proof of insurance. Norm tries to talk some sense into the young man, while of course also poking a little fun at him at the same time.

Does Norm get through to uninsured driver Kevin? Be one of the first to check out Norm’s newest commercial for SafeAuto Insurance and call 1-800-SafeAuto to stay legal for less!

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