Norm Macdonald SafeAuto Insurance Commercial – ‘Kitties’

We’ve all been there before. You are watching an online video about cats or reading an article on celebrity gossip or sports and before you know it, you’ve been browsing the internet for well over an hour.

Well, who better to demonstrate this in a humorous way through a television advertisement than Norm Macdonald! The SafeAuto spokesperson states at the beginning of the new spot, “You know what the internet is good for, wasting time!”

Norm does find a useful task that can be accomplished on the internet though…Purchasing auto insurance! That’s right, driving uninsured is illegal so you can stay ‘Legal For Less’ by purchasing state minimum auto insurance from SafeAuto online. Just visit

We recommend that you watch the new advertisement featuring Norm Macdonald. When you’re done, if you want to watch a squirrel water skiing, that’s fine by us.

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