Norm Macdonald’s SafeAuto “Street Smarts” – Amish

It’s no surprise that texting while driving is a major cause of auto accidents. In fact, according to, texting while driving causes 11 teen deaths every day, 25% of all accidents per year, and is 6 times more dangerous than driving intoxicated. The statistics are staggering and we all know how dangerous it is, yet it seems as though everyone is still doing it.

Texting while driving is no joke, but of course, like most things in life, comedian and SafeAuto Insurance spokesman, Norm Macdonald, puts a comical spin on the very serious matter by making what is possibly the most random (and funny) comparison to texting and driving that we could ever think of.

If you’re curious as to what this laughable (and somewhat ridiculous) comparison is, watch the latest Street Smarts video and visit for a free auto insurance quote! And of course, be safe and please put your phone away while driving!

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