Ohio Woman Caught Soiling Pants During DUI Stop

Maybe she was scared, or maybe it was the excessive amounts of vodka she drank.  Either way, 46-year-old Wendy Phillips was charged with a DUI after a police car saw her throw the bottle of vodka towards a stop sign.  Things only got worse from there.

Columbus NBC affiliate said that according to the police officers, Phillips was unable to stand at attention, and told the officers “I pooped my pants.  I ate too much corn.”  Perhaps the corn led to her accident, but there’s no doubt the vodka consumption is what she was pulled over for.

While this is not Phillips’ first DUI charge, this is certainly her messiest, and there are many lessons to be learned here; Don’t drink and drive, don’t throw bottles of vodka out of a moving car in front of an officer, and please pass on the corn nuts when drinking.  If there was ever a candidate for high risk insurance, this is what it smells like.

[Source: NBC4i]

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