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We know it’s only November, but with the New Year just around the corner, we’re already starting to think and get excited about the new car models that will be hitting the showroom floors. Before our excitement gets the best of us, however, we wanted to pay tribute to our favorite car of 2013!

As hard as it was to choose just one (there were so many awesome cars released this year), we chose the 2013 Honda Fit as our favorite car because of its affordability and its intelligence. It may not be the prettiest car that was on the market this year, but according to an article on www.caranddriver.com, “there’s more intelligence packed into the Fit than in many cars nearly twice its size. It’s the defining small car – mechanically precise, pared of excess fat, respectful of gasoline, and graced with fluid handling… It’s small on the outside and remarkably cavernous inside.” Read below to find out about more about the top car 2013.

The US News Review of the Fit states that “the 2013 Honda Fit is the 2013 best subcompact car for the money and the best hatchback for the money because it has the best combination of ownership costs and positive reviews in the most classes.” Also, “reviewers note that no competitor can match the Honda Fit’s interior space.” And, for a price starting around $16,000, it is most definitely a winner in our book too! Thank you Honda for releasing this awesome new vehicle in 2013.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to hit the showroom floors in 2014 for what we know will be an impressive selection of new cars, trucks and SUVs. If you’re thinking about making a car purchase in the coming year, do us (and yourself) a favor – make sure you’re insured before getting behind the wheel! Visit our website at www.safeauto.com for a free quote today!

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