Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “Chuck”

An average guy who just happens to have all of the coolest spy secrets in his head. A steamy female CIA agent who just happens to be able to kick some serious behind. And a band of sidekicks and comrades who are equal parts quirky and loyal.

What’s not to love about “Chuck?”

That’s what a group of die-hard fans would like to know. NBC is considering giving the axe to the popular Monday night TV series, after four years on the air. Even though the ratings of the show haven’t always been stellar, there is a collection of fanatical followers who never miss an episode. These hard-core “Chuckheads” are lobbying hard to keep the show on the air for a fifth season.

SafeAuto Insurance Company is also a huge supporter of “Chuck.” And we put our money where our mouth is, when we sponsored some recent episodes of “Chuck” with our TV commercials. Nevertheless, we were pleasantly surprised when we received a large amount of feedback from these ads. As part of their efforts to get the series renewed, dozens of viewers turned to Twitter to express their thanks to SafeAuto for sponsoring “Chuck.”

We hope that the voices of the fans are heard, and that NBC orders another season of “Chuck.” And we are going to do our part by revealing our five favorite clips from the series.

1. The writers of “Chuck” are so adept at incorporating pop culture references into the show that they even do so without trying – literally! Don’t believe us? Witness this scene from the current season – which was shot a few weeks before that momentous day in Pakistan.


2. Some of our favorite parts of any “Chuck” episode are the fight scenes. We look forward to watching Chuck, Sarah, and Casey throwing down and conquering the bad guys week in and week out. But we must admit that our favorite fight scene involves the series’ most diminutive heroine – as well as former NFL defensive lineman Michael Strahan.


3. Okay, so we’re head over heels for Sarah too. And we love it when we get to see “all sides of her.” So it’s pretty obvious why this clip with Chuck and Sarah made the list.


4. We always make sure that we visit the restroom before “Chuck” comes on – mainly because we don’t want any “accidents” (See? We made an insurance joke!) while guffawing at the antics of Morgan, Emmett, Lester, and Anna. But we think that this performance by “Jeffster” in a maternity waiting room “delivered” the most laughs!


5. Finally, since we are SafeAuto Insurance, we are somewhat biased toward scenes of car chases and huge crashes. (Oh, and Chuck’s dance moves as well.) So we had to include this first season clip in our top five.


We at SafeAuto are hoping that there is a season five for the series – and we urge all of the show’s fans to spread the word and “Keep on Chuckin’!”

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