Parallel Parking Made Easy

New ImageParallel parking whether the result is positive or negative is a nerve wrecking experience. There is no worse feeling then having to parallel park in front of people and being quite unsuccessful. However, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective seems to have no problems squeezing in a space “llllllike a glove.” The embarrassment, the shame, the damage of not being able to parallel park in front of a crowd cheering you on can severely crush your ego. But fear no more. Thanks to Lexus we don’t ever have to cringe at having to parallel park (unless you are this kid).

The Lexus LS460 has the technology to put your fears to rest and actually parallel park for you. Check out this awesome video from CNBC Business News that puts the Lexus to the test. To learn even more, read this article on The article explains how the barrage of sensors enables the car to park itself. Are we as a

society getting lazier? We want to know what you think about this technology and how it can affect auto insurance. Tell us your opinion in the comment box below and remember to Play It Safe!


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