Parallel Parking Tips

If you live in any city (or really anywhere), parallel parking is a must-have skill. It can be stressful and hard sometimes depending on where you are and what the spot you’re trying to get into looks like, so here are some steps to make sure you get into your space and don’t embarrass yourself while doing it.

1. Find a Suitable Space – Make sure that your chosen space is big enough for your car to fit into. If it looks tight, it might be worth moving along to the next open spot so that you don’t hit another car or waste time trying to get into a spot that is just too small for you.

2. Claim Your Spot and Position Yourself to Back In – Immediately turn on your turn signal so that anyone behind you knows that you’re claiming the spot. Pull up next to the car in front of the space and make sure that the middle of your car is even with the rear of that car in front of you.

3. Turn and Prepare to Back In – Shift your vehicle into reverse and check the driver side mirror to make sure you’re clear to start moving. Look over your shoulder and turn your steering wheel hard right. When reversing, think of pushing the top of the wheel the way you want your car to go.

4. Back Most of the Way In – Release the brakes and slowly begin turning somewhat sharply and backing into the space. Continue until the rear wheel facing the curb is nearly as close as final distance desired from it and the rear end of the car is still a few feet from the car behind you. If your rear tire hits the curb, you’ve gone too far. If this happens, just shift your car into drive and start again.

5. Straighten Out As You Pull In – Turn the steering wheel to the left once the rear of your vehicle is mostly in the space, still going backward. Maneuver completely into the space and straighten out your car at the same time.

6. Pull the Front Up to the Curb and Center the Car – Continue in reverse as far back as you can without hitting the car behind you. When you’re close, shift back into drive, turn the steering wheel to the right again, and move forward toward the curb while centering your vehicle.

And there you have it. You should now be nicely parked into your space! If you’re more of a visual learner and need to see this in action, check out this parallel parking video.No matter where you’re driving and parking, if you’re on the road, make sure that you’re insured. Visit our website at for a free quote today!


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