Raising the Bar on Bar Stools

Some common rules when you are driving include buckle your seat belt, obey the traffic laws and do not drink and drive. It’s the word “drive” that often brings confusion to this statement. I’m sure you’ve heard that you can get a DUI while riding your bike. But what about a bar stool?

A man in Ohio tried to debate this topic when he was recently cited for driving a bar stool. Kile Wygle was charged with a DUI this past March while driving his home-made motorized bar stool. He fell off the vehicle and was then approached by a police officer.

Wygle contested, “It was just an accident.” And when the police asked how he fell off the vehicle and asked how many beers he had, Wygle replied, “More like fifteen.” The vehicle was then placed for sale on eBay by the county, finally being sold for more than $1,000!

Another man received similar punishment last year in Illinois while operating a lawn mower under the influence. You would think a revoked license would teach this 49 year old man a lesson, but he was caught taking his yellow lawn mower for a beer run to a local gas station. A woman in Alabama was even arrested for riding a horse while intoxicated. Ohio police officers say you can get cited for driving any motorized vehicle while under the influence and even a bike if you are on public property.

So remember, play it safe when you are enjoying an evening of celebrating or leisure with your friends and family. Take a cab, designate a sober driver and do not drive ANY vehicles while under the influence this holiday season.


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