***Rumor Alert*** Pastrami Boy To Enter Do The Jingle Again

Although we cannot confirm its validity, there have been rumblings that the infamous Pastrami Boy will submit a new entry to the SafeAuto Do The Jingle contest.  While many fans have been writing in asking whether or not the nude toilet-dweller would be seen or heard from again, our sources tell us that Pastrami Boy is quietly putting together a new entry that will top last year’s entry.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Pastrami Boy phenomenon, last year he was a late addition to the Do The Jingle contest, but quickly garnered a lot of attention from other blogs due to his lack of shame clothes.  While Pastrami Boy did not win the contest, he was easily one of the most memorable participants and even went on to be honored by the Best of the Web folks.

Should the rest of the Top 20 be worried about a possible Pastrami Boy submission?  Probably not, but he may just shift the attention away from our leaders for a moment or two…depending on his wardrobe or lack thereof.

[Pastrami Boy’s Original DTJ Entry]


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