Safe Auto Q&As: Ask Norm McDonald

We’re really excited to have Norm McDonald as SafeAuto’s new spokesman. As we’ve detailed before, he’s had a long and highly-respected career as a comedian, and he’s been making a string of hilarious commercials for us. There’s another plus for all of us, too: he answers questions from you, our customers. So far we’ve gotten insights into Norm’s favorite comedies:

And who he’d play golf with:

But we’d like to get Norm answering more questions from you, our customers. Get on our Twitter feed (@SafeAuto) or visit our Facebook and start asking Norm questions. You can even post questions here and we’ll pass them on to Norm. We can’t guarantee that Norm will answer every one: He is a very busy guy and we’ve got him doing a lot of ads for us. But he’ll be sitting down and taking the time to answer a few questions, and you never know when he’ll be answering yours.

Of course, there’s no way for him to answer questions if he doesn’t have any, so get tweeting and Facebooking and give him some material! If you need some inspiration, we’ve got a whole bunch of rhetorical questions he could answer… but likely won’t.

– What’s your advice for talking your way out of a speeding ticket?

– If your advice doesn’t work, what’s your advice for speaking to the judge in traffic court?

– If your advice gets us stuck on a chain gang, can we get an apology?

– Which member of the SafeAuto MMA fight team do you think you can take in a fight?

– Would you be willing to actually fight them?

– Would you be willing to actually fight them if we took up a collection for any possible medical expenses?

– Would you be willing to recruit Bob Saget and make it a tag-team match?

– What if we explicitly banned Saget from saying “Good Night, Michelle” whenever somebody gets knocked out, would that help?

– Would you be willing to race Johnny Sauter?

– OK, how about racing the SafeAuto fight team?

– Will you be writing any one-liners for the SafeAuto fight team when they knock someone out?

– What’s the best car to take someone out on a date in?

– What’s the best car you’ve ever driven?

Yes, some of these are facetious: We certainly wouldn’t want Norm to imperil his warm relationship with our fight team for our own (or your) amusement.

But we are serious about your questions! We’ll have Norm answering them on a regular basis from now on, and the more questions we have, the more fun it will be. In the meantime, swing by SafeAuto’s YouTube channel to check out Norm’s ads, interviews, and his Street Smarts series, wherein he explains gas prices, proper etiquette while pumping fuel, and other tips you’ll need to survive owning a car in the modern world.

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