Safe Winter Driving Habits

Safe Winter Driving Habits

Snowy conditions can cause stress and anxiety for everyone on the road. Preparing your car for every ride is crucial in lessening your chances of having any car troubles or accidents occur. The key to safe winter driving relies on practicing daily habits to help prepare you and your vehicle for the roads.

Safe Winter Driving

This winter driving advice will better prepare you for wintertime road hazards:

  • Keep Windows Clear. When you get into your car to head out onto the roadways, check your windshields to see if they need to be cleared off for perfect visibility.
  • Allow Yourself & Your Car to Heat Up. Winter can cause frigid temperatures that can make it difficult to drive to the best of your ability. Give yourself ample time to warm up for a smooth ride.
  • Always Be Vigilant About Your Gas Tank. In the colder months, it’s very important to keep your gas tank at least half full. Condensation can form in the empty part of the gas tank. Thus, with cold temperatures, it has the potential to freeze.
  • Always Be Observant of Your Tire Pressure. In colder weather, your tire pressure will drop as the temperature drops. Pay attention to how your wheels look before heading out.
  • Start Out Slow. With wintry conditions, you can never be too sure what that will mean for the roadways. Drive slowly to get a feel of the roads and how your car is responding to it.
  • Keep a Safe Distance. It’s important to ensure that you have a safe stopping distance between yourself and the car in front of you in case of any slippery spots on the road. A good rule of thumb is to allow yourself 8-10 seconds to slow down before making a stop or a turn to help avoid a possible collision.
  • Winterize Your Car. If you haven’t already winterized your car, don’t forget to make time to do so as soon as you can! Having tires you can trust, a reliable battery and enough fluids are pivotal to be a safe driver on the roads this season.

Winter driving is never the easiest, but by adding in these best daily practices, we hope you feel protected on the road.  Add to your peace of mind this winter with the right insurance for the right price with a quote from SafeAuto today.