SafeAuto CEO Leads by Example During the Worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic

Across the U.S, states are weighing the pros and cons of rolling back COVID-19 restrictions put in place to protect their citizens. Businesses are faced with the same question: is it safe to open their doors? CEO Ron Davies is leading the charge from our Columbus-based headquarters with cautious optimism.

SafeAuto CEO Ron Davies

Growth amid adversity

Davies relayed his feelings in an interview this past week with Columbus station The Bus on 93.3., saying that as a company, SafeAuto has been very fortunate in both ability to provide continued coverage to customers and to be growing during these strange times.

“As we saw this crisis starting to unfold, we started opening up opportunities that we saw inside the business,” he said. SafeAuto employs nearly 400 people  in Ohio alone, and continues to share new opportunities with additional workers across the Columbus area, while other companies have been forced to cut costs and make layoffs.

Davies credits SafeAuto’s success to his team’s leadership and swift movement toward digital communication. By mid-March, 94 percent of SafeAuto’s associates had the equipment and resources they needed to work remotely. A few essential workers remain at the office, where extra measures have been taken to ensure their health and safety by practicing proper social distancing.

These precautions have enabled SafeAuto to serve customers safely and consistently during a year where many things may feel uncertain.

“We’re doing everything we can. We’re getting creative. We’re rolling with the punches. It’s all anyone can do right now,” Davies said. “And we’ll continue to do what we can to ensure our strength and the jobs of our associates remain intact through these trying times.”

Living in a state minimum world

Davies and his team continue to evaluate what they can do to assist their associates and consumers across the states they serve, while the country is making careful considerations and changes to the current states that have active shelter-in-place orders. As people take precautions for their safety by social distancing, they may find they are driving less, even once these orders are lifted. With this in mind, it may be time to look at revised coverage.

“if you’re not driving, certainly you can either lower your limits, or you can reduce your coverages, take coverage off, or pause your policy in total,” Davies stated during a radio interview.

SafeAuto has made many changes to help address the growing customer concerns amid coronavirus. Allowing policy holders who are no longer driving to pause coverage is one such adjustment.  “…but please don’t drive if you have your policy paused,” Davies stressed.

If you’re still out on the road but driving significantly less than before, SafeAuto gives you options, from payment plans to the flexibility to make changes to your policy. As a leading provider of state minimum coverage, you can stay insured while saving your hard-earned dollars to cover other needs, whatever they may be.

Davies urges those in need of help with their insurance—whether they have been directly affected by the pandemic or not—to call 1-800-SAFEAUTO, where they can receive help 24/7 with starting, stopping, or changing their policy.

In addition to pausing coverage, SafeAuto has made changes, including paying customer fees in every one of the 19 states they serve as well as rate reductions in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. For the latest updates, visit