SafeAuto Contributes to Anti-Fraud Efforts in Georgia

Auto Insurance fraud is on the rise in most states.  The state of Georgia in particular has seen an 11.7% rise in questionable claims in the last year.  Fraudulent claims equals higher car insurance costs for all drivers which is not how drivers want to spend their money (especially during the holiday season).

It is with this in mind that SafeAuto Insurance teamed up with other insurance companies to contribute money towards a billboard campaign in the state of Georgia, alerting drivers on the various ways to report insurance fraud. 

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has set up a website, a Facebook page, and a certified training program for police officers with the help of SafeAuto and others.  A representative from SafeAuto said “We are proud to help alert people to the ways to fight insurance fraud in Georgia.  Insurance fraud is a serious crime which hurts innocent people and costs every driver.  We look forward to helping combat this issue and keep drivers in Georgia ‘Legal For Less’.”

[Source: Scottrade]

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