SafeAuto "Do the Jingle" Contest Profile: Arnie Borowsky

When you click on the video entries in SafeAuto’s “Do The Jingle” Contest, you get to enjoy a wide range of talent on display. Some competitors direct their efforts toward one or two skills, while others try to impress viewers with their wide range of abilities.

But if the “Do The Jingle” Contest were to be decided simply on the total number of different talents each entrant has, then Arnie Borowsky would probably win the competition going away.

Arnie hails from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. When you watch his video, you will be treated to a sample of his singing, guitar-playing, and songwriting abilities. But don’t assume that Arnie is just a “three-trick pony.” This man is blessed with so much more talent than that.

First of all, Arnie’s vocal range extends far beyond singing. He can do Elvis impersonations. He can mimic the voice of the famed cartoon character Donald Duck. Arnie also can generate bird calls, cricket noises, and water-dropping sounds without the aid of props. In addition, Arnie’s artistic abilities can be expressed in ways other than his music. He is an accomplished drawer, painter, and sculptor. He even excels in many areas of carpentry.

But Arnie is blessed with several skills that are not easily found in your average person (especially in one package). For example, Arnie knows sign language. He can skateboard, ride a horse, or drive a tractor or similar heavy machinery. If he wanted to, Arnie could easily find work in a vast array of occupations — from mechanic to house painter to mascot.

And here’s the piece de resistance: Arnie is one of the few people with double-jointed shoulder blades. Yes, that’s right. Just imagine the possibilities.

Arnie Borowsky is a proud graduate of Charleston Southern University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in speech and dramatic arts. As you may have guessed, Arnie was very active in the institution’s theatre program while he was in school. But he has also called upon his acting talents in his post-college career, appearing in three TV commercials and a print advertisement. What’s more, Arnie even landed a stand-in role in a major motion picture: as a German terrorist in Die Hard: With a Vengeance.

We wish that there were a way for Arnie Borowsky to showcase every single one of his talents in SafeAuto’s Do The Jingle Contest. (Maybe the company can change the rules for next year’s competition!) But you’ll certainly be entertained by his video entry – so cast your vote for Arnie if you like what you see.

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