SafeAuto "Do the Jingle" Contest Profile: Chandra Henson

There are plenty of people in this country who enjoy music. Some of them even like to play an instrument or sing their favorite tunes. A few of them have so much talent that they are able to make their living in some sort of musical career. These are the ones who we commonly say were “born” to be musicians.

Chandra Henson was “born to sing.” She has been singing for as long as she can remember. And that’s why she has decided to test her crooning skills against many other singers and musicians in this year’s SafeAuto “Do The Jingle” contest.

Henson is a Houston, Texas, native who says that she derives a great deal of joy from singing in her hometown. And her smooth, soulful voice undoubtedly has listeners jamming and humming along with her.

Henson says that she is very impressed by the Houston music scene, noting that it is incredibly diverse. This diversity is readily apparent when you consider some of the musical artists from over the years who hailed from Texas’ biggest city. Naturally, there have been some memorable country and western acts who began their careers in the Houston area, such as Robert Earl Keen, Guy Clark, and Lyle Lovett. But Houston is also well-represented in the rap world thanks to the Geto Boys, DJ Screw, and Screwed Up Click. There’s also an impressive blues history in the city, with names such as Lightnin Hopkins, Johnny Copeland, and Big Mama Thornton entertaining music lovers in Houston and around the world. Punk bands like Really Red, DRI, and The Degenerates made their mark on H-town as well; and names like Chris Whitley, Jana Hunter, and Jandek defied musical categorization while garnering devoted followers. Houston is also home to pop group Blue October and the three original members of Destiny’s Child – including the most famous one, Beyonce Knowles.

Winning SafeAuto’s “Do The Jingle” contest would certainly go a long way toward putting Henson on the map in the music world – both in Houston and across the nation. Plus, she readily admits that she could do a lot of good for her singing career with the first place prize money offered by SafeAuto. After all, $5,000 could help her pay for studio recording time, post-production mixing, and marketing campaigns.

Chandra Henson has a dream: to show the world her singing talents and love of music. You could help her fulfill that dream by voting for her in SafeAuto’s “Do The Jingle” contest.

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