SafeAuto "Do the Jingle" Contest Profile: Faded Jeans Band

by Chris Martin

Some bands try to “impress” people with their esoteric, freeform music which is long on originality and short on audience appeal. Others just try to be as loud as possible without paying attention to such trivial concepts as melody or rhythm. Then there are those cover bands who can actually carry a tune – but don’t perform any songs that people actually like.

Thankfully, there are a few musical groups out there that are both talented and entertaining – like Faded Jeans Band from Phoenix, Arizona.

Faded Jeans Band embraces a novel concept: they focus on what the audience wants. That means playing songs that people love to dance to and sing along with, instead of limiting themselves to selections that adhere to their personal musical tastes. And with their ability to play songs from a wide variety of genres – including oldies, classic rock, country, R&B, blues, pop, 70’s funk, and rockabilly – Faded Jeans Band is a popular draw at clubs, bars, and private events in and the Phoenix area.

There are five members of Faded Jeans Band, and all of them can sing.

  • Erik Hendel, aka “Levi Rippington” – The northeast Ohio native has been shaping his vocal skills and talents for about two decades. After performing as a solo act as well as leading some other groups, Erik is now the lead guitarist for Faded Jeans Band.
  • J Neal MacGuire, aka “The Hair Farmer” – J Neal has been crooning and playing since way back in the late 60s. He spent many years performing with several bands throughout the Midwest before arriving in Phoenix. His bass guitar skills and impressive vocal range allowed him to release a solo country CD.
  • Glen Hadley, aka “Smilin’ Big Daddy” – Glen’s skills at the ivories have been nurtured since the age of five when he started taking classic piano lessons. Since then, not only has Glen expanded his performing abilities, but he has also become an expert in configuring keyboards for recording sessions. Formerly of Utah and southern California, Glen is now recognized as one of the top piano/organ keyboardist in Phoenix.
  • Shannon Lee, aka “Fretman” – Unlike some of his bandmates, Shannon has been living in Phoenix for over 40 years. His guitar playing began at age five when he played on a live local radio show – and since then, he has amassed a mind-boggling 11,000 performances. Shannon also owns a recording studio in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale.
  • Nick Flaim, aka “Sticks” – Nick was born in Chicago to a piano-playing and singing father and an acting and dancing mother. Given his pedigree, it’s no surprise that he could “play” percussion on pots and pans before he could walk. As an adult, Nick has spent some 35 years touring with bands and playing venues all across the nation.

Together, Faded Jeans Band is an immensely talented group whose members don’t take themselves too seriously. So if you want to smile today, check out their video entry in SafeAuto’s Do The Jingle Contest.

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