SafeAuto "Do the Jingle" Contest Profile- The Voorheises

SafeAuto is proud to welcome back the Voorheises, Jayma and Keitha, with their accompanying guitarists, Austin Johnson and Jim Nicholson, to Do The Jingle! And what does their entry sound like this year?

Keitha was a strong contender in last year’s competition, and this year, she’s bringing her talented daughter Jayma and two of her close friends, Austin and Jim, to claim the prize.

“Music has always been a big part of my life,” says Keitha. “My father had an amazing voice. Our friends even called him ‘Old Blue Eyes!” Jayma started on stage when she was six, with her goal to star on Broadway, and has been working on the stage right up through high school. Her dream roles? Glinda in “Wicked,” and “Christine” from “The Phantom of the Opera.”

Keitha began writing when Jayma was just a baby, and Jayma starting writing her own songs as a toddler. They still have her first song on record!

Jayma and Keitha formed a band with Jim and Austin, who they met through an elite singing group at Jayma’s high school. Jayma couldn’t sing their praises as guitarists highly enough, and after seeing a standing ovation at a variety show, a band was born. Jim and Austin are songwriters as well.

So how did this talented foursome start Doing the Jingle? The Voorheises took a commercial acting class with a friend, who pointed them towards the contest. Last year, she wrote a tune that was so popular that SafeAuto invited her back for this year. They decided to write an entirely new song for this year, to celebrate their collaboration.

“My theme last year was ‘Good to Go with Safe Auto,’” Keitha tells us, and it’s been a family inside joke ever since.

“Jayma is absolutely gifted with the newer style of music, while my style is more classic rock,” says Keitha. “We’re melding and molding things into a combined style. That’s an interesting and fun thing. As mother and daughter, you always have these challenges where you’re artistic and you don’t necessarily want to hear criticism from the other person. But it’s a really good dynamic, where we come back to a song and say, ‘Let’s figure it out.’ It’s been hard but fun!”

On the acting front, the Voorheises have been trying out at the local and national level, including Jayma auditioning for the movie “We Bought a Zoo.”

The Voorheises are modest about being a local band having a hometown advantage. “It’s really about the music and getting yourself out there,” Keitha says.

Remember: voting for Do The Jingle opens January 2nd, 2012, and runs through February 29th, 2012. Acts from across the country have submitted their videos for your consideration, so take a moment and look through to see who you think should Do the Jingle! Click here to cast your ballot!


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