SafeAuto Flash Mob Wows Shoppers

When you are shopping at the mall on a Saturday in the late morning, seeing a bunch of teenage girls is not an irregular occurrence. Seeing that same bunch of teenage girls bust out into a choreographed dance routine is a different story altogether. 

That’s exactly what happened on November 13th as hundreds of dancers from the Pinnell Dance Centre performed a flash mob dance to a special version of the SafeAuto jingle at the Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. Starting off as one simple breakdancer, the crowd grew as more and more dancers joined in, until seemingly everyone within viewing distance seemed to be in on the routine. Even SafeAuto spokesman Justin Case was in on the fun. See the video here or at the end of this article.

It definitely surprised onlookers, whose reactions were caught by one of the five strategically placed video cameras that caught all the action. While the dancers looked inconspicuous enough, you may have noticed a flood of red football jerseys in the crowd. The simple answer to that observation is that it was a Saturday in November in Columbus which means an Ohio State football game was slated to kick-off later that afternoon. 

Congratulations to all who partook in the activities and it will be interesting to see if the SafeAuto Flash Mob can get anywhere near the amount of YouTube views as some of the other famous Flash Mobs over the past few years.

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