SafeAuto Insurance is excited to announce that it now provides state minimum car insurance to drivers in the state of Kansas. With this expansion into Kansas, the company now operates as an insurance carrier in 15 states.

SafeAuto has always focused on offering its customers competitive, low-cost state minimum coverage. The company remains committed to this goal as it moves into the Kansas insurance market: to keep Kansas drivers Legal For Less®.

“We are excited to enter the Kansas insurance market,” says Jon Diamond, President of SafeAuto. “We believe that SafeAuto Insurance will be valuable to many drivers in Kansas who are looking for state minimum coverage.”

The company already insures drivers in neighboring Missouri, and has regularly advertised in the Kansas City area. Many would-be buyers of SafeAuto’s policies are likely already familiar with the brand’s marketing, but were unable to purchase insurance from the company until now.

The company intends to begin a marketing campaign to promote their insurance offerings in the state. Those who are interested can visit SafeAuto’s site tailored for Kansas auto insurance, so they can learn more about the state legal requirements, as well as the minimum insurance that drivers need to carry.

“We specialize in keeping millions of drivers Legal For Less®,” notes Diamond. “We think the people of Kansas will love how easy we are to do business with, either over the phone or online, 24/7.”

Kansas drivers that are interested in getting a free quote can call 1-800-SAFEAUTO, or get an online quote by visiting The company has products and payment options to meet the needs of those who don’t want to be without insurance, and they do not check credit scores for prospective customers. Their toll-free number also has Spanish-language representatives available for quotes and customer service.

About SafeAuto –

SafeAuto Insurance Company is a Property and Casualty Insurance Company based in Columbus, OH. Today, the company provides the state required minimum insurance coverage to automobile drivers in 15 states including Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. SafeAuto is a direct-to-consumer automobile insurance company offering auto insurance over the phone via its 1-800-SafeAuto toll free phone number. For more information visit

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