SafeAuto Interviews Do the Jingle Finalist “Sketch By Number”

The Ohio-based comedy group Sketch By Number is currently topping the chart for our SafeAuto “Do the Jingle” Contest. This group of Ohio State alums has left the competition in the dust, and would mark the first time a comedy group has won the top spot in SafeAuto’s annual contest. Hopefully they have other crustaceans up their sleeve, should they win the grand prize: a $5,000 national advertising contract for SafeAuto.


Do you perform professionally?

Yes, Sketch By Number performs live comedy shows in a sustainable theatre space called “The Green Room” multiple times a year. Our shows run over a few days and draw hundreds of people, both college students and otherwise.

How did the group come about?

SBN was founded in March 2008, while we were all still in school at Ohio State. We were all theatre students, and we wanted to do something that we could create and really have fun with.

What’s up with the name?

Sketch By Number (no “s” at the end) was named by how we run our live shows. The audience gets to pick what sketch we do next, and each sketch is assigned a number. In our first show the sketches flipped to become a picture, sort of a paint-by-number idea. We try to do something creative with each show. We’ve done Mad Libs, Valentines, Christmas presents, whatever we can do to keep the audience engaged.

How have you promoted yourself for this contest?

Almost exclusively on Facebook and by word of mouth. In our next show, “SBN<3sU”, we plan on plugging it as well in creative ways. Our show goes up February 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th, based on all things love. You can find out more info at

What will you do with the prize money, if you win?

SBN just applied for non-profit status, and the prize money would help pay for the process. Going non- profit would really help us take the next step. We would also defer some money out to each of our members, who have worked for years with SBN without any compensation.

Will the lobster contend?

What sets you apart from the other finalists?

We think that our sketch is the most creative submission in the contest, and that our special brand of irreverence is pretty refreshing as far as ad campaigns go. And, you know, we have a lobster.

The Entry:



You can vote on Sketch by Number’s “Do the Jingle” entry here. To see a list of the top 20, check out the “Do the Jingle” official website. You can also check out their own archive of video material here.


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