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The Pinnell Dancers hail from the famous Pinnell Dance Centre in Columbus, OH. They are so close to the top of our Do The Jingle contest that they can almost taste sweet victory. Should they get the votes to make the top spot, no doubt they’ll put on an awesome show for television viewers in their $5,000 national advertising campaign contract. We recently caught up with Ashley Pinnell to talk about her impressive troupe of dancers
Tell us about Pinnell Dance Centre.

Pinnell Dance Centre was founded in 1976 under the direction of Jeri Pinnell. We’ve become known as one of the top dance schools in the country, with many of our students going on after graduating high school to perform professionally on Broadway, cruise ships, and Disney theme parks.

How many dancers are in your video?

In our Do the Jingle video, we have approximately 125 dancers ranging in age from six to eighteen years old! We tried to show off a variety of different styles and groups, to give the full range of what we do. We have so much fun here, and our families and teachers are amazing.

How have you promoted yourself for this contest?

We e-mailed our family and friends, posted it on our website, placed posters around local businesses, and took out an ad in our local paper. We’re serious about winning!

What will you do with the prize money, if you win?

The money will be split between all the kids that participated!

What sets you apart from the other finalists?

We used many different kids for our video, with a huge variety of ages. These kids worked very hard putting this together as a team, and I think it shows.

The Entry:

You can vote on the Pinnell Dancers’ “Do the Jingle” entry here. To see a list of the top 20, check out the “Do the Jingle” official website.


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