SafeAuto "Kicks" the Super Bowl Competition

SafeAuto’s famous “kicked” commercial, which made its debut in 22 markets across the country during this year’s Super Bowl, received massive amounts of publicity.

SafeAuto succeeded in creating an entertaining and humorous message that brought to the viewer’s attention the serious perils of driving uninsured. Enormous feedback following the commercial proved that the Super Bowl spot was definitely one that was hard to forget.

SafeAuto’s Facebook and Twitter pages have been abuzz since the debut of the “kicked” commercial with constant interaction on the company social media pages. Fans proclaimed that the insurance company advertisement was by far the “winner” among all national creative Super Bowl spots (see below) shown that evening.

Due to the commercials unprecedented popularity, SafeAuto will continue showing the original advertisement on The company will also be releasing a never-before-seen alternate spot that was shot on the same day! This brand new video can only be exclusively viewed at Just make sure to cover up when watching.

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