SafeAuto Launches 2014 #DoTheJingle Contest!

SafeAuto Insurance is proud to launch one of their major digital events, their annual “Do The Jingle” contest. Musicians from all over the country have created their own clever renditions of the SafeAuto jingle. Whoever receives the most votes by February 28, 2014 for their catchy jingle wins $5,000 plus a featured role in a television commercial for the affordable auto insurance company.

Last year, Ayanna Lewis was victorious and her jingle is now airing in a commercial throughout the country. In the chorus, Ayanna states, “1-800-SAFEAUTO, I know you got me covered, SafeAuto!” This commercial has received great exposure for SafeAuto, especially from the online community. @THill_36 on Twitter states, “The 1-800-SAFEAUTO commercial is way too catchy” while @123 ItsCecill says, “Is It Just me or does anyone else sing that SafeAuto jingle?”

Voting for the 2014 competition officially begins on January 13, 2014 at midnight. 145 videos have been entered into this year’s contest that were either submitted online or filmed by the SafeAuto Insurance camera crew. The first place prize will win $5,000 plus the coveted spot in a SafeAuto commercial. Places 2-5 will receive cash compensation while the 6-15 finalists will receive iTunes gift cards. More information on prizes can be found at

Olivia Francis, a musician from Cincinnati, Ohio, performing her SafeAuto jingle.

Olivia Francis, a musician from Cincinnati, Ohio, performing her SafeAuto jingle.

Bruce Jackson, a musician from New Kensington, Pennsylvania feels that the Do The Jingle contest is a great opportunity for musicians. “For me to be in a SafeAuto Commercial would mean a new expression of my musical talent, and a chance to create a new level of exposure for myself. This opportunity truly is a great chance to help represent a great company with my talent.” Olivia Francis from Cincinnati, Ohio conducted research before creating her jingle. “The inspiration to write the lyrics to my jingle was sparked by looking at the SafeAuto website. I got the feeling that the company really cares for its customers and makes it easy to buy car insurance.”

Time will only tell whether Bruce or Olivia will star in SafeAuto’s next jingle commercial. The only certainty is for the next two months, people won’t be able to forget SafeAuto’s catchy new jingles entered into the 2014 “Do The Jingle” contest.


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