SafeAuto Launches News Program!

SafeAuto wanted to capitalize on their compelling sponsorships and exciting company updates. The creation of SafeAuto News enables the state minimum insurance company to get their message out to the masses in a timely manner.       

Watch the first ever edition of SafeAuto news!

The show is filmed at the SafeAuto Studio in Columbus, Ohio. The format is similar to a nightly news broadcast with an anchor highlighting important events taking place at SafeAuto. Each episode will be available on the web in crystal clear HD.  

The idea for the show came about when SafeAuto had an extremely exciting week in the news. SafeAuto Racing Driver Johnny Sauter defeated Kyle Busch at Martinsville Speedway, SafeAuto Insurance expanded coverage into the state of Virginia, and the company announced a green initiative for all employees.    

SafeAuto has always been a trendsetter with their clever commercials and marketing campaigns. Creating a news program on a consistent basis will once again separate SafeAuto from their competition. Posting the show on the web will also enable SafeAuto Insurance social media followers to easily access the show.

Be sure to follow SafeAuto Insurance on Facebook and Twitter for information on when each episode will be available. SafeAuto’s goal is to not only entertain viewers but also inform them of events happening at SafeAuto and in the insurance world.

** SafeAuto News will also be available in Spanish**        

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