SafeAuto Opens Storefront Location in Columbus, Ohio

If affordable auto insurance is your thing, but talking on the phone isn’t, then SafeAuto Insurance, has some great news for you. The state minimum auto insurance company has opened a storefront location at 1969 E. Dublin-Granville road in Columbus, Ohio, to enable customers to speak to agents in-person.

SafeAuto CEO, Ron Davies, believes that the storefront will be a success, and if he’s right, the company will plan to open two more in Columbus in the coming months. Mr. Davies feels that the storefront idea helps to serve those customers that the “get a quote over the phone” tactic misses out on. He says, “It’s a combination of folks comfortable with the Internet and phones and then there is the drop-in type of person.”

Even with the addition of a storefront location, Davies knows that his clients tend to skew toward the younger ages and more mobile, which is why the company will also be focusing more on Internet sales and mobile devices. “Our clientele are still working through the insurance online purchasing process. There’s opportunity for us to get a whole lot better there.”

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