SafeAuto Rewards Ohio Customer $1,000 for Play It Safe Rewards®

SafeAuto Insurance values all of their policyholders. The leader in affordable car insurance was looking for a way to reward loyal customers who have been with SafeAuto for a long period of time. That’s how the concept of Play It Safe Rewards® came about.

Play It Safe Rewards® does just as the name suggest: It rewards customers for their loyalty! If a driver stays with SafeAuto for just 90 days, they could win $1,000. Stay 180 days and you could win $5,000. The longer you stay, the more opportunities you have to win!

Melinda W. was randomly selected as the lucky “Silver Rewards Winner.” The Fremont, Ohio native will receive a $1,000 prize. “I didn’t see this coming,” said Welch. “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

$1,000 can certainly go a long way. Ask a million different people how’d they spend the money, and you’d receive a million different answers. Melinda’s might be one of the most heartwarming answers though. “It’s really going to help get my grandson to his specialist for his seizures for the recent cyst that was found on his brain,” remarked Welch. “We can actually plan a night out of town to the Columbus Zoo.”


Hearing stories like Melinda’s certainly makes the Columbus based car insurer happy to be running a promotion like Play It Safe Rewards®. “The reaction when people find out they won money for just sticking with SafeAuto is priceless,” stated Charlie Kordes, VP of Customer Demand and Experience for SafeAuto. “When you learn more about our customers and their life stories, you realize just how much this money can help them in their everyday life.”

“This says a lot about a company like SafeAuto,” said Welch. “It’s not just about the money, it’s about the people.”

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