SafeAuto Twitter Contest

Have you ever been in a situation that your car broke down and you needed a jump but had no jumper cables? Have you ever had a flat tire in the dark with no flashlight? Have no fear with SafeAuto Insurance’s new contest to win a free Roadside Assistance bag. SafeAuto will post on the twitter page,,  one opportunity between January 13 and January 20, 2010, for a chance to win a Roadside Assistance bag from SafeAuto. This bag conveniently fits in your car or trunk and will provide you with essential tools just in case you encounter a roadside emergency. Items include a flashlight, jumper cables, tire gauge, and many other handy items!

 How the Contest Works
Contestants will need to check back daily to look for the message beginning with the phrase: (SA Contest Retweet). The message could be posted at any time throughout the day during the seven day period. The winner each day will be the 10th person on Twitter to “Retweet” (SA Contest Retweet) @SafeAuto and then rest of the entire message, including links. The entire message must be rewteeted in order to receive credit for the contest. All contest tweets will begin with “(SA Contest Retweet)“.

Good luck and remember to play it safe while out on the roads!

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