SafeAuto’s ‘Do The Jingle’ Contest Receives Massive PR Exposure

SafeAuto’s ‘Do The Jingle’ contest received over 3.3 million online votes. The amazing exposure is a testament to the number of quality jingles that were entered in the 2013 competition. Additionally, the social media exposure took the affordable car insurance companies jingle contest to the next level in terms of publicity.

Below are a list of several media outlets that ran a featured story on SafeAuto’s ‘Do The Jingle’ contest. While Ayanna Lewis was the overall winner, numerous contestants were featured in national online publications, newscasts, or newspaper articles.    

Fox 19 News 
PR Daily 
WHAS 11 News 
Search Engine Watch
KXII Fox 12 News 

To see the top ten finalists of SafeAuto’s ‘Do The Jingle’ contest, visit


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