SafeAuto’s "VIP at the UFC" Contest

The SafeAuto Fight Team consists of elite UFC® fighters throughout the sport of mixed martial arts. Over the past several years, we have been fortunate enough to have logo representation on fighters in some of the world’s largest venues in the biggest fights in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Members of the SafeAuto Fight Team are the toughest group of fighters in the UFC®. Travis Browne, who will be fighting in Boston, popped a hamstring during a fight back in October but continued to fight. Despite the loss, Browne didn’t make any excuses and ended up winning his next bout by KO. We like to consider ourselves the toughest car insurance company in the country!

SafeAuto's "VIP at the UFC" contest!

Guida Rocking an Official SafeAuto Fight Team Shirt!

Guida Rocking an Official SafeAuto Fight Team Shirt!

UFC® fans are by far the most passionate group of people in the country. That’s why we get great joy from running contests, like our “VIP at the UFC” Contest in Boston. While we won’t be announcing the winner of our contest until August 5, 2013, we plan on giving away great prizes leading up to the grand prize drawing.

Comment below and tell us who you think will win the UFC® Fight Night bout in Boston. Silva or Shogun. We’ll randomly select a winner who will win an official SafeAuto Fight Team t-shirt.

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