Self Service Gas Stations in the United States

The first self-service gas station in the United States was opened in Los Angeles in 1947, and the only states that currently ban self-service gas stations are New Jersey and Oregon. According to, the purpose of these laws was to protect consumers and gas station owners from costly and possibly deadly accidents. 

Most of our readers are looking to save money when filling up the tank. According to, a general tip on gas savings is to avoid starting and stopping your engine needlessly. Idling your engine for one minute consumes the gas amount equivalent to when you start the engine.

If you live in any but the two states mentioned above, chances are you’re pumping your own gas (and trying to find the cheapest prices)… SafeAuto Insurance spokesman Norm Macdonald, has a message for you in his most recent “Street Smarts” video. Be sure to stay tuned to our ‘Play It Safe’ Blog for more “Street Smarts” and gas saving tips! 

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