Should Automakers Do-Away with In-Car Radios?

Are in-car radios a thing of the past? Well, maybe not yet, but automakers believe that in the next 5-10 years, AM and FM in-dash radio systems will be replaced by other things such as radio via smartphone.

Automakers have already killed the cassette player, and CD players may be on their way out as well. Many believe that all audio will be delivered via smartphone in the upcoming years and it doesn’t seem so hard to believe for us.

According to an article in the Detroit News, “It’s already becoming a reality: Drivers of Fords and Lincolns can access several popular smartphone applications through the MyFord Touch dashboard interface. General Motors Co. says it will soon offer high-speed 4G mobile-Internet capabilities inside its cars.”

But, a vast majority of adults still listen to the radio weekly and it’s still a top choice among drivers for in-car entertainment. So, automakers have a lot to think about when deciding whether or not to do-away with the ability to adjust the radio straight from the dashboard.

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