Should Uninsured Drivers in the U.S. Be Banned from Buying Gas?

We all know that driving uninsured is a risky proposition. As of late, a hot topic has been whether uninsured drivers should be banned from buying gasoline.

That’s right. The government in the United Kingdom has proposed that gas stations CCTV (closed circuit television) should scan license plates to confirm whether drivers are insured; if they’re not, they won’t be allowed to fill their tanks.

Pundits can say that with high gas prices, uninsured drivers would save a lot of money at the tank. In all seriousness, uninsured drivers in the United Kingdom contribute to 160 road deaths and 23,000 injuries annually. The government feels that this is a worthwhile conversation.

With companies such as SafeAuto offering state minimum auto insurance coverage for drivers, there should be no excuse for motorists to be on the road uninsured (shameless plug). Whether or not uninsured drivers should be banned from purchasing gasoline is an interesting topic that is certainly open for debate.

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