Startling Speeding Ticket Statistics

Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only person to ever get pulled over for speeding tickets? In the United States, over 100,000 people a day receive a speeding ticket. That’s over 41 million speeding tickets each year. But, do the statistics show that your feelings of being targeted by officers on the road are justified?

There are a lot of theories about officers targeting red cars. Maybe the red cars are more eye-catching to police officers. Maybe the people who buy red cars just drive faster. The red car theory is actually one of the many that has absolutely no evidence behind it. Statistically, grey cars are actually more likely to get pulled over than red. Well, there goes that theory, but here are a couple others with facts from to actually back them up.

  • The age groups between 17 and 24 receive the most speeding tickets
  • More men receive speeding tickets than women
  • Doctors receive the most speeding tickets than any other profession
  • Ohio is the top state to be notorious for writing tickets

Ok, all of these stats seem to make sense. All we can say to you is to drive safely and carefully so you don’t make yourself a statistic. And, of course, always drive with insurance.

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