Stay Safe During Prom Season


It’s prom season! So what does that mean? It mean’s mothers putting on their sons’ boutonniere because his date doesn’t know how to. It also means arriving in style, hearing Vitamin C’s “Graduation” song but most importantly it means staying safe. Mothers and daughters can save time on how to properly apply the “pièce de résistance” to your outfit by watching this quick video tutorial. What sons and daughters can’t avoid is the embarrassment their parents cause at the ritual prom photo sessions.

An article by First Things First discusses many issues regarding prom safety, including safe driving. Parents talk to your children, and kids should talk to their parents about ways to stay safe on this special night. Make a plan for the evening. Discuss curfew. Parents, know what’s going on after the prom and make sure your child knows that they can contact you at anytime during the night.

Also, make sure you have auto insuranceJustin Case,” because you never know what can happen. Enjoy the night, and remember to Play It Safe!

[Source: First Things First]

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