Stolen Camaro Found After 36 Years

Fairy tales are just that: fairy tales. But here’s a fairy tale that not only centers on awesome wheels, but is also 100% true.

Our story begins back in the mid 1970s in a faraway land known as New Jersey.

A woman named Janice was the proud owner of a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS — bright yellow, V6 engine, and totally badass (well, back then it was “groovy”). One fine summer day (July 6, 1975 to be precise), Janice drove her muscle car to the post office, and parked it.

But then, evil struck.

A wicked, loathsome (and probably hairy) individual broke into the car and spirited it away to some unknown place. Our heroine soon discovered that her chariot was missing and called the police, but all they could do was file a stolen vehicle report. As you can imagine, Janice was sad for a long time at the loss of her muscle car. Eventually, she probably filed an auto insurance claim and got over it.

Now, let’s hit FAST FORWARD on our time machine and travel to 2011.

Time to meet our story’s hero: a knight-in-shining-armor-disguised-as-muscle-car-enthusiast named Keith. He was in the City of Angels exploring the magical kingdom known as eBay when he spied a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS. It was black with a white racing stripe on the hood, and was being sold by a private individual in Tennessee. Keith decided to purchase the Camaro for himself; he retrieved $28,000 from his golden coffers, bought the vehicle, and had it shipped out to LA.

When Keith’s new chariot arrived, he discovered something amiss. Being a learned gentleman who was rich in automotive knowledge and wisdom, he noticed that several features on his newly-obtained ’69 Camaro did not match the original model (like, say, a restored 427 V-8 engine under the hood). And while a lesser man who came upon this revelation might have contacted the seller, complained to the wizards of eBay, or simply kept his own counsel, Keith took the noble and virtuous approach: he called the police!


After further investigation, the California Highway Patrol discovered that Keith’s Camaro was the same car that was cruelly ripped away from Janice back in 1975!

The CHP immediately tracked down Janice in the Land of Jersey and telephoned her to tell her the news. She responded by hanging up on them after assuming it was a crank phone call. The authorities tried again, and once they reached her, she rejoiced at her great fortune.

Because she had presumably secured a new chariot in the 36-year interim, Janice decided not to have the Camaro shipped cross-country. Instead, she is making arrangements to find the vehicle a suitable home — for the right price, of course. (Janice is no fool.) As for our hero, Keith, he received his $28,000 back from eBay because he had had the foresight to insure his purchase. He didn’t get his $875 transport fee returned, but he said that it was a “modest price for a timeless tale.” (He actually did say that.)

So Janice and Keith both lived happily ever after … just not with each other. And nowhere near one another. And they still haven’t met face to face.

Maybe it’s not the quintessential fairy tale ending. But it is true.

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