Sweetest Muscle Cars of All Time (And What They Cost in Auto Insurance)

It’s too bad that we all can’t own a rip-roaring muscular machine that does nothing but burn rubber and turn heads at the same time. Notwithstanding the impracticality of such automobiles, the price of car insurance for these hot rods can hover between ridiculous and outrageous. But thanks in part to the internet, we can all at least dream a bit…

1970 Buick GSX Stage 1

Classically powerful.

Engine: 420HP V8

Cost to Insure: $1,879.57 per year

For many a year, the Stage 1 was one of the fastest production vehicles on the planet. While these days you probably relate the name “Buick” to early bird specials and Medicare, the fact is that this GM brand had some beefy motors, with some of the top performing vehicles in existence.


2011 Camaro SS

This car just makes the color green cooler.

Engine: 426HP V8

Cost to Insure: $1,771.90

This may be the best muscle car deal in the world, with the SS packing so much power for so little price. These days, there aren’t many models like this, as people opt for cars that get better fuel mileage or can fit more people. But the Camaro harkens back to old days, when driving one of these was the dream of many a teenager.


1996 Chevy Caprice SS

Engine: 260HP V8

Cost to Insure: $1,691.29 per year

Owing a Caprice SS is like having your own luxury cop car. Seriously, this is basically the same thing as the police cruisers that Chevy was putting out at the time, except that it came with nicer seats. And it probably had a better sound system. And non-blacked out wheels. Hey, you could always add on an aftermarket siren and flashing lights.


2010 Dodge Viper

Wonder why that hood is so big? Because of the V10 inside.

Engine: 600HP V10

Cost to Insure: $2,056.01 per year

The Viper was almost killed after the auto bailout, but Dodge takes so much pride in their specially built (i.e. no robots – all people) sports car that they put in the money to redesign it. For an MSRP of $90,255, you get the performance of a vehicle that is normally twice that – and it’s made right here in America!


2007 Shelby GT500 “Super Snake”

This is a totally “snaked”-out Mustang.

Engine: 605HP V8

Cost to Insure: $2,102.13

This is a specialized Mustang that is modified by a company called Shelby that has been in the racing business for years. It’s a stock Mustang with added suspension and steering parts. Oh, and the company also adds an Eaton supercharger to an already stacked engine compartment.

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